Set in the Leeds' new place to be, Wellington Place, we've brought you New York inspired interiors, comfortable seating, top of their game baristas, a large charcoal grill and a fully stocked bar with a great range of wines, spirits and bottled and pump beers and ciders. We serve food and drink all day so there is always something for everyone in surroundings perfect for casual dining, entertaining clients or meeting with friends and colleagues.


The Good Luck Club awaits...

The Kitchen


 Our menu is based around a charcoal grill in which all our burgers, steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables are cooked quickly over fire making them extra tasty and succulent. We hold true to the principles of great choice, big tastes and excellent sharing dishes all served quickly at reasonable prices - it's the Yorkshire way. We use regional produce where we can and we promise that no one will leave hungry. We also have pizza nights every Thursday to help celebrate the end of the week and we're always looking for new great dishes to bring to the menu so if you have any suggestions then let us know!


Eat, Drink, Be Lucky!

The Baristas


Some are born equal, others have a remarkable knack for making art pieces out of coffee - we hire the latter! Coffee may be considered hipster by some but to us it is just one of life's necessities and we are determined that we provide you with best of the best. We spent a long time picking our coffee bean supplier and we're very proud to present to you Maude Coffee (you can visit their website here) who are local genius' at Roasting coffee and we're sure that you'll love it as much as we do.


It's fair to say that as a country we run on Tea, whether it is to de-stress, power through, catch up with friends or just because no other drink will suffice us Brits love the stuff. We at The Good Luck Club sign up to this idea wholeheartedly and so we've use the Brew Tea Co. as our supplier (you can see their website here) and we stock a huge variety of their very best so no matter your reason for a cuppa, we have the answer!

The Bar


We know that a hot drink doesn't always cut the mustard so we've scoured the globe and brought you the best wine, draught beers, ciders, bottled beers and spirits so that everyone, no matter their taste feels at home at The Good Luck Club.

A selection of our beers on tap.

Hire The Good Luck Club


Got something to celebrate? Got a corporate event and need a venue? Then mi casa es su casa! Hire the whole or part of the Good Luck Club suitable for groups of 20 up to 100 or alternatively the whole venue which can cater up to 200 people. There’s no charge for hire but there is a minimum bar spend depending on the area and the number of guests.

Book A Table


Food service times

You can book anytime at the Good Luck Club whether you're after food or just a table for drinks, just give us a call on the number below. If you have a favourite place just let us know and we'll do our best to get you sat there!

Call Us: 0113 245 0711








11AM - 9PM

11AM - 9PM

11AM - 9PM

11AM - 11pm

11AM - 11pm

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we serve lunch and dinner until 8pm Monday to Wednesday and until 9pm Thursday and Friday.

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The Good Luck Club

No. 6 Wellington Place, Leeds. LS1 4AP

Tel: 0113 245 0711 -  Email: Hi@TheGoodLuckClub.co.uk



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Call Us: 0113 245 0711